ELINE by Dirak Webinar Series



Install Products without Tools and Hardware

SNAP-LINE by DIRAK replaces traditional fastening methods, or, more precisely, bolts, nuts and assembly tools. SNAP-LINE is a new line of fasteners that combine design, functionality and an innovative installation method. SNAP-LINE makes installation simple, fast and reliable. Dismantling of SNAP-LINE locking systems for maintenance, repair or replacement is just as simple and there are only a few components to dispose of when it comes to end-of-life recycling.

Many of DIRAK's SNAP-LINE products incorporate D-SNAP® Technology for applications having high strength and vibration requirements as e.g. in railway applications. Products with D-SNAP® Technology have the ability to withstand vibration environments and heavy loads while still maintaining a secure, tight fit over time. That is why this technology is used especially for railroad locks and railway safety equipment.

With D-SNAP® Technology fastening products can be snapped onto a sheet metal panel in just a few seconds. D-SNAP® Technology is based on a special housing system that holds two wedge-shaped, spring-loaded wings. These wings retract as they slide through the panel cutout and snap into position. Once the product is inserted completely through the opening, a strong and secure connection is established.

As there is no need for mounting hardware (nuts, bolts, washers) or tools, this eliminates the concern of mounting hardware becoming loose over time, falling onto and damaging the equipment inside the enclosure.

SNAP-LINE's range of products offers a variety of locking and fastening systems such as snap locks, snap latches and snap hinges. SNAP-LINE's locking systems and D-SNAP® Technology are used by customers all over the globe.